SD-WAN Services

SD-WAN services

DataNet via its parent company BringCom is paving the way for next-generation WAN services in East and West Africa – Be of part of the next Telecom revolution and become a Partner.

DataNet is providing SD-WAN services with in-depth security capabilities to telecom managed service providers and SaaS platform operators in East and West Africa. DataNet delivers Versa Network’s best-in-class SD-WAN capabilities as part of its Software Defined Networking (SDN)/Virtual Network Function (VNF) platform. Versa Networks is an innovator of the Secure Cloud IP platform. After achieving MEF CE 2.0 Certification in East Africa in early 2018, DataNet is now the first company to roll out a SDN/VNF platform in East Africa (1st half of 2019) and West Africa (2nd half of 2019) with its Hubs located at the East Africa Data Centre (EADC) in Nairobi, Kenya and Rack Centre in Lagos, Nigeria.

Telco managed service providers face numerous networking and security challenges in countries where IP and leased line prices differ widely and where cloud ecosystems are not yet mature. The integration of Versa’s SD-WAN capabilities into DataNet’s solution offerings provides users with access to SD-WAN and Cloud services in East and West Africa. The availability of such solutions enables DataNet to deliver cost competitive SD-WAN solutions to corporate customers while supporting the development of a more robust cloud ecosystem in the region.

Versa’s SD-WAN solution combines full multi-tenancy, multiple deployment options, zero-touch provisioning and a broad set of security functions to enable solution providers to create high value managed service offerings. As a result, enterprise customers are able to leverage these new capabilities to manage their WAN costs while simplifying their operations and improving application performance. Additional benefits also include resilient connectivity and critical security functions like next-generation firewall and secure web gateway that automatically integrate with other networking functions.

Versa’s cutting edge SD-WAN software offers the automated functionality, high performance and maximum flexibility necessary to deliver reliable communications services to businesses looking to harness the power of virtual network environments. DataNet is offering the most advanced carrier-grade, cloud-native SD-WAN services in the region, which will contribute to improving business continuity and economic development.

SD-WAN Benefits

  • Simplified Delivery of WAN services to Branch Offices via Software and Cloud-based Technologies
  • Lower WAN CAPEX and OPEX (software-based approach to SD-WAN and Security Functions)
  • Improved Performance, Flexibility and Scalability
  • Better Security
  • Intelligent Pathway Control
  • Automatic Provisioning

SD-WAN Elements

Flex VNF
  • Versa FlexVNF is a multi-service, multi-tenant software platform built from ground up on cloud principles to deliver scale, segmentation, programmability and automation. It provides both networking and security functions in a single software along with service chaining capabilities.
Versa Director
  • Versa Director is Versa Networks’ virtualization and service creation platform that simplifies the creation, automation and delivery of services using Versa FlexVNF.
  • Versa Director provides the essential management, monitoring and orchestration capabilities needed to deliver Versa’s VNF-based network and security services.
  • Services supported by Versa include routing and connectivity to direct Internet access and control and SD-WAN with layered advanced security.
Versa Analytics
  • Versa Analytics provides holistic visibility, base-lining, correlation and predictive analysis for network, application usage and security events. It seamlessly integrates with 3rd party systems for easy deployment in IT environments.

DataNet SD-WAN services Highlights

  • Dynamically create secure tunnels between locations with any topology, independent of the underlying MPLS, LTE, or Internet/broadband transport supporting direct, regional and hub Internet breakouts.
  • Optimize traffic steering for 2,700+ applications and improve customer cloud and SaaS experience with application-driven policies.
  • Manage the entire enterprise WAN with multi-tenant application-level control and visibility and automate the deployment of new branches with zero-touch provisioning.
  • Secure Direct Internet Access (DIA) with integrated Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) services and increase bandwidth and reliability with active transport links.
  • Integrate into existing Service Provider and Customer infrastructure with advanced underlay routing support and visibility.

DataNet White Label SD-WAN Program

DataNet is offering its SD-WAN services via a white-label program to African and International telecommunications service providers. As a reseller, you will pay license fees to access the SDN operating and Analytics Software and the Flex VNF license per CPE. All required Hardware is included with the license fee (Gateway, Director, Controller). CPE hardware can be sourced directly by Partner (DataNet and its Partners can work together to benefit from volume pricing). Business customers benefit from Software Defined Network services realized on shared trusted Partner networks in Africa.

  • We developed an easy to use, flexible and scalable Versa IP Cloud platform for you
  • We provide technical support with our Versa certified engineers for you
  • You resell our SD-WAN Services branded for your company under our white label program

Please contact us to become a Partner and join our white-label program to resell our new SD-WAN solution, making business networking easier, more stable, better scalable and less complex than any other solution in the African market.