DataNet offers integrated mining site communications solutions for all mining phases, from exploration and survey to site construction and production operations in a cost-effective manner to achieve:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Higher production
  • Reliability
  • Improved miners morale and retention
  • Machine lifecycle support

DataNet provides communications solutions that enables safety, security and production efficiency in the most extreme and challenging of environments, keeping any electrical equipment working. Our solutions will enable mining companies to successfully deploy reliable backhaul and on-site access communications to support applications such as: VoIP, real-time video feeds for operations, monitoring of mobile equipment telemetry, fleet management, sensors reporting condition of industrial heavy equipment into SCADA systems, video surveillance and centralized control and autonomous reaction.

DataNet integrates remote mining sites into the mining headquarter network and supports on-site access communications by seamlessly blending satellite-based (broadband VSAT, and satellite phones), wireline (fiber optic) and wireless (cellular, WiFi and self-meshing radio networks) communications technologies to improve efficiency, safety, security and miners morale. DataNet can also provision any equipment, from ruggedized terminals and laptops to cell phones.

Satellite-based communications backhaul and on-site access connectivity

  • High availability dedicated SCPC or TDMA private VSAT solution operating in harsh environments, with an outdoor enclosure housing the satellite router supporting broadband applications
  • Backhaul connectivity to the mining company enterprise WAN and carrier cell networks
  • SatCom GSM trailer system: BringCom’s Mobile GSM rapid deployment solution for local and international call connectivity
  • Satellite phones: Inmarsat BGAN terminal, Iridium or Thuraya satphones
  • Integrated Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Internet access for workers morale, wellness and recreation (MWR)
  • Video over IP surveillance
  • QoS with guaranteed SLAs for response time and bandwidth offered
  • Secured (AES 256 encryption)
  • Hub diversity for back-up
  • BringCom’s Disaster Recovery Solution for business continuity
  • Ubiquitous coverage: expand network reach
  • Seamless integration with terrestrial networks

Fiber: Wireline backhaul connectivity

  • High speed fiber optic cables
    • Design and build customize cables that can withstand any weather; rain, heat, wind and lightning strikes
    • Fiber optic cabling used above ground and below ground

Wireless backhaul and on-site access connectivity

  • Point-to-Point line of sight Microwave for backhaul and or on-site connectivity
  • Tower for mounting radios and antennas
  • Cellular (2/3/4G)
    • Voice and broadband data service
  • WiFi, WiMax
    • Ideal for site security and surveillance
    • Offers broad communications needs
    • Mine site office LAN
    • Production performance reporting
  • Self-configuring full mesh radio network
    • Below and above ground voice, data and video service
    • Support Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data communications between heavy equipment and a monitor and control system
    • Safety systems monitoring
    • Equipment asset tracking and equipment health reporting