DataNet will meet your Enterprise Connectivity requirements, from Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), Carrier Ethernet or Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connectivity from our teleport or any of our POPs along with back-up and disaster recovery solutions for your business continuity.

Our enterprise clients are assured of reliable and secure services because of our unique expertise with local operations and partners. Our project management of interoperable products and services supports all of our customers’ needs, whether fiber, satellite, microwave or integrated.

Ethernet Services

DataNet’s Ethernet Services, known as Carrier Ethernet Services, provide high performance connectivity solutions for your business applications domestically or internationally. Ethernet is a trusted standards-based technology that is scalable up to 100 Gbps with committed bandwidth guarantees and burstable ports to meet sudden increases in data requirements. DataNet is a member of MEF. The company has completed E-Access and E-line MEF certification in East Africa.

MPLS Services

DataNet IP VPN offering is based on the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. MPLS combines the flexible connectivity and scalability of IP-based services with the security, privacy and quality of private networks. IP VPN delivers flexible, customizable, any-to-any networks to connect office headquarters, branches, data centers and other locations, integrating all business traffic applications into one network. With DataNet MPLS IP VPN services, companies can reduce costs and simplify operations, to meet the demands of today’s business environment.

DataNet manages the customer network link wherever DataNet provides the access circuit, end-to-end, up to the router installed by DataNet at the customer sites. Demarcation point of the service is at the Local Area Network (LAN) interface of the access router. DataNet offers a complete suite of Managed Enterprise MPLS services including access, equipment procurement and configuration, activation, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and consolidated billing.

DIA Services

Corporations are increasingly relying on cloud-based services for administrative and operational services. DataNet’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a cost-effective solution to connect your business applications and services with guaranteed quality and maximum flexibility.

Our DIA services for enterprise WAN and SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) connectivity leverage our Pan-African MPLS and Ethernet networks to deliver cost-competitive connectivity between customer sites and the Internet. Our solutions give you the ability to bundle your DIA service alongside other DataNet WAN or SD-WAN connectivity services (for instance using a hybrid network configuration combining DIA and MPLS services).

Our enterprise Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services can handle all satellite service requirements up to complete turnkey system solutions, including: overall network design and engineering; VSAT tender formulation and evaluation; site surveys; equipment delivery, installation and commissioning, training, maintenance and satellite airtime.

DataNet also provides MESH, STAR (TDMA), Point-to-Point (SCPC), DVB and DAMA network solutions with either secure or non-secure operations.

  • Satellite Coverage: DataNet works with several different satellite operators and bandwidth providers to provide the best coverage for each client’s specific needs and prevent single-source dependency.
  • Installation: DataNet offers installation and maintenance services for a number of VSAT system suppliers on an on-call or contractual basis, based upon our experience and proven cost effectiveness.
  • Management: DataNet offers 24×7 network management services using iDirect and Comtech-based equipment at our Network Operations Center (NOC), located at its Headquarters in Kampala, Uganda and its Djibouti Teleport facility.
  • DataNet also offers the convenience of remote network management services.
  • Backhaul: DataNet offers competitive backhaul services in Africa and the Middle East. Several hubs are available at our teleport facilities, from a variety of system providers and component manufacturers.
  • Many of our customers have multi-mode link requirements using a combination of satellite, fiber or microwave services. DataNet has accumulated more than 10 years of experience operating these technologies, including strong IP connectivity expertise to support the implementation and configuration of internal networks.

DataNet has established key partnerships with Tier 1 carriers in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and offers competitive fiber connectivity services across the globe, providing reliable and high speed connectivity where needed. DataNet currently provides terrestrial connectivity and PoP services to many emerging markets and developing countries in Africa and the Middle East.

DataNet offers enterprise clients turn-key solutions for fiber network engineering and construction needs in Africa and the Middle East. With every new project, DataNet provides the following services:

  • Detailed Site Survey: Identify circumstances or locations in need of special attention, for example, environmental or physical hazards such as high temperatures.
  • Network Engineering Plan: A detailed network engineering plan specifying all network elements and presenting all fiber-related activities with a timeline.
  • Fiber Installation Plan: Provides all considerations to the installation team including logistics of network equipment, locations of intermediate access points, locations of manholes, splice locations and responsibilities of the members of the installation team.
  • Installation Supervision: Manage the installation process and ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to ensure project safety, compliancy and success.
  • Documentation: Fiber network engineering plan as well as pre- and post- installation test data are recorded and presented in a report.

All fiber circuits are supervised 24×7 by DataNet NOC who has established proven troubleshooting and escalation procedures with each of these carriers and associated consortia (SEMEWE3, EIG, EASSY…). DataNet also specializes in network integration services combining wireless satellite/terrestrial services (Wi-Fi, WiMax,…) with fiber circuits. DataNet’s engineering team has deployed multiple combined/integrated networks throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Microwave and wireless communications are perfect for areas lacking specific infrastructure and/or where diverse telecommunications paths are necessary. DataNet has accumulated more than fifteen years of experience engineering, installing, operating and maintaining microwave networks in Africa. The company has deployed and operated Wi-Fi/WiMax networks in the Western and Southern regions of Africa. Examples of deployments include the following:

  • Wi-Fi network in Ndola, Kitwe and Lusaka (Zambia) for nationwide ISP and in Pointe Noire, Congo.