Cloud Services

Datanet’s Cloud Services

Finding a way to add functionalities, introduce new services and increase capacities on-demand. This is where Cloud computing comes into play with its different service models. Providing dynamic pool of resources to satisfy customer needs and moving heavy workload away.

Product and Services

Datanet will be reselling Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services.  Both are a growing collection of cloud services for building, deploying, and managing intelligent applications through a global network of data centers.

Datanet’s Cloud Phone Service

Part of a Cloud IaaS family. Tailor-made business voice environment which brings an effectiveness and optimum in a different ways.

  • Virtual Intercom and PBX services.
  • No CaPex and OpEx for tiering cable infrastructure and expensive PBX systems.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Long distance and local calls.
  • Voice and Video conferences.

This easy-to-manage business environment will ensure your business is heard. Enjoy the service while in the office or at home or on the move.

Datanet’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) service

Part of a Cloud IaaS family. This massive pool of computing resources will bring the wealth of capabilities into your business. Saving your monthly recurring and capital costs. Service allows:

  • To double and triple your Internet feed.
  • To add up on your computing needs.
  • To build an extensive production suites.

All these and more comes at a fraction of cost spent on an average computing farm build.


Please contact us to review how we can best address your specific cloud-based services requirements.