ADVA and BringCom demo virtualized uCPE with ONAP orchestration

23 April 18

Athens, Greece. April 23, 2018. ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that its Ensemble Connector virtualization platform will host service chains orchestrated by the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) in an industry-first MEF demo. Conducted by BringCom at this week’s MEF Member Meeting in Athens, Greece, the unique demo brings the cloud closer to the edge of the customer network and paves the way for more efficiency, agility and customer choice. The showcase features virtualized MEF 3.0 E-Line provisioning using ONAP and Ensemble Connector on a uCPE platform. Key to the showcase is the interoperability of ADVA’s highly scalable, high-performance virtualization platform, which is running on the ADVA FSP 150 ProVMi hosting server. Solutions integrator Datavision is also playing a key role.

“This demo is a major accomplishment and its implications are big. It shows exactly how ONAP is about to transform the telecoms landscape and our Connector solution is right at the heart. Our technology and our services team are helping provide the efficiency and interoperability needed for truly open and automatic service provisioning,” said Chris Swan, general manager, Ensemble Division, ADVA. “Key to this showcase is the ability of our Connector to establish Ethernet connectivity with an accelerated software data plane and cloud hosting. Our Connector functions as a Network OS and can efficiently host customer service chains of VNF partner solutions from our extensive Harmony Ecosystem. We’re proud to be playing a crucial role in BringCom’s drive to build a cloud-enabled network and look forward to their expansion in Africa.”

The MEF demo is a key step to enabling more enterprises to access agile, cost-efficient software-based services. It features a distributed cloud deployment with two enterprise locations connected via E-Line through a BringCom PoP. Each enterprise end point hosts an Ubuntu firewall virtual network function (VNF). The service chain is orchestrated by ONAP and hosted on Ensemble Connector with embedded OpenStack. The showcase highlights how Ensemble Connector, ADVA’s multi-award-winning open software foundation for hosting multi-vendor VNFs, interoperates seamlessly with ONAP. Ensemble Connector is already bringing the power of automation and virtualization to major customers across the globe. Among these is Verizon, which utilizes the platform in its Virtual Network Services uCPE solution.

“With this demo, we’re revealing just how valuable ONAP will be for service providers looking to build high-performance virtual environments. Together with the ADVA Ensemble team, we’re opening the door to a new level of efficiency and control for rapid service innovation,” said Fabrice Langreney, president and CEO, Bringcom. “At BringCom, we’re committed to MEF 3.0’s vision for transforming Ethernet services. We’re eager to adopt virtualization of these offerings as we aim to expand our global network and extend into managed virtualized services. Later this year, we’re planning to migrate this demonstration environment to our East Africa operations. Other customers and partners too can expect a lot more choice and accelerated delivery as we drive deployments leveraging virtualized distributed cloud technology.”


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