BringCom MPLS Network Operational

12 November 14

November 10, 2014 Sterling, VA –BringCom Incorporated, a leader in supplying innovative communications services, announced that it has established a new MPLS Point of Presence (POP) at the Djibouti Teleport facility in the Republic of Djibouti. This new MPLS service is the result of a joint-venture with Djibouti Telecom and has connectivity to London where it interfaces with a worldwide MPLS network allowing immediate worldwide access for BringCom customers. The Company is further expanding its MPLS network by adding two United States POP’s for traffic termination that will be available at the end of 2014. In addition, BringCom has a staged Pan-Africa MPLS network under implementation with expansion scheduled early next year as required regulatory negotiations are completed.


“Thanks to our partnership with Djibouti Telecom, the Djibouti MPLS POP becoming operational further establishes BringCom as the reliable provider of connectivity solutions to international customers and governmental prime contractors operating in the African and Middle Eastern global telecommunications markets,” said Fabrice Langreney, President and CEO of BringCom.


About BringCom


BringCom is a leading telecommunications services provider offering fiber, satellite and microwave services to enterprise and government customers in the United States, Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. It delivers communication solutions to and from some of the world’s most challenging locations while providing state-of-the-art communications links for its customers. BringCom owns and is headquartered at a teleport in Sterling, VA, USA, and manages Djibouti Teleport through a joint venture with Djibouti Telecom. Its international operational knowledge, coupled with extensive local partnerships in the Africa and Middle Eastern regions, uniquely position BringCom to deliver reliable communications services at competitive rates.



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