NOC Services

24×7 Monitoring

Datanet provides 24×7 Network Operating Center (NOC) services to its customers. Datanet Service Desk is central to the NOC and is staffed 24×7 with dedicated NOC professionals in a variety of roles, working together to provide a personal and hands-on approach to all your support needs. The NOC Service Desk acts as the single point of contact for each customer and monitors all events, tickets and escalations by reacting to problems appropriately, considering their priority and impact on your business. In short, the goal of the NOC Service Desk is to perform the necessary activities to establish or restore your service as quickly as possible.

NOC Service Desk Functions

  • Acts as Central Customer Contact
  • Follows customized support process
  • Detects & records events
  • Investigates & prioritizes incidents
  • Notifies & consults with customers
  • Escalates & resolves incidents
  • Manages life cycle of trouble records
  • Mediates issues with vendors and carriers

Key NOC Service Features

  • 24×7 NOC Service Desk 24×7 NOC Monitoring
  • Incident & Problem Management
  • Web-Based Reports
  • Traffic shaping and protocol filtering services
  • Antenna registration
  • Site configuration
  • Remote installation support
  • IP configuration support

Datanet’s support/NOC telephone numbers: +256 (0)752 764525 and +256 (0)759 999273.